Terms and Conditions

BRADLEY fine furnishings and architectural finishes are sold to-the-trade only. Our exceptional products are manufactured within a fifty mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia – the location of our corporate headquarters and warehouse. All of our furnishings are hand-made by our skilled artisans and shipped to our customers all over the world.

Because we want all of our Customers -and their clients- to be absolutely delighted with their BRADLEY product, we have initiated a Terms and Conditions of Sale policy in order for all parties to be informed and protected. As the Customer, we ask you to carefully read the following Terms and Conditions and acknowledge with your signature each time an order is placed:


Acceptance of your BRADLEY Sales Order or Cost Proposal shall be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sales accompanying this order as the only terms and conditions applying to the purchase and sale of the said Merchandise. These Terms and Conditions may not be modified or varied except by a BRADLEY representative in writing. Since these Terms and Conditions of Sale is subject to change, please review our latest version prior placing each order.


All products are subject to availability. Prices published on BRADLEY Price Lists are estimated prices at time of printing, and thus require a custom price quote based on the customer’s specifications and finishes. Prices quoted on BRADLEY Cost Proposals are good for 60 days from issue date. All prices published on Retail Price list or Designer Net price lists are subject to change without notice.


All orders must be submitted in writing on a BRADLEY Cost Proposal. Specifications, estimated lead time and pricing will be submitted to the Customer on a BRADLEY Cost Proposal. In order for an order to accepted, the Cost Proposal must be reviewed and signed by an authorized agent of the company. Customer issued Purchase Orders will not be accepted as a substitute for the signed BRADLEY Cost Proposal. The BRADLEY Cost Proposal is the final word on an order specification. If the customer initiates changes after submitting the signed Cost Proposal, a revised Cost Proposal or Sales Order must be signed and returned by the Customer. The signed and returned BRADLEY Cost Proposal shall be an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sales accompanying this order.

Please note, due to the custom nature of our products, all orders are not returnable, cancellable or refundable.

Submit orders via fax, email or post, sent to the attention
of your BRADLEY sale representative, or to our Sales Dept:
fax 404.812.0400 email orders@bradley-usa.com
mail 3776 Green Industrial Way, Atlanta, GA 30341


For orders under $10,000, payment shall be made in United States currency via company check, credit card or bank transfer. A deposit payment of fifty percent (50%) of the sale price of each BRADLEY product ordered must be received before the order is confirmed and scheduled for manufacturing. The remaining balance payment must be received before the product(s) will be released for shipping. All orders for in-stock products, floor samples, fabric, architectural surfaces or wall coverings require full payment at the time of order.

For orders over $10,000, payment shall be made in United States currency via company check or bank transfer ONLY.  We do not accept credit card payments on orders over $10,000.  Orders cannot be broken up or segmented in order to circumvent this requirement.

Shipping/freight charges, crating charges, duties and any applicable taxes are not included in the quoted sale price and will be invoiced as separate line items or under a separate invoice. The original quoted price of a BRADLEY product typically does not include the estimated freight charges, unless specifically requested by the Customer at the time of quoting. Please be aware that many of our furnishing products require special care, handling, packaging and environmental conditions for safe transport to your location.


Shipping can be arranged by your BRADLEY account representative or be handled directly by the Customer using a common carrier or delivery service. Once the order is transferred to any third-party shipping company, the products become the property and responsibility of the Customer and/or your agent (the carrier.)

BRADLEY cannot be held responsible for losses, product damage, shortage or delays resulting from the actions of any third-party transport company. BRADLEY is not responsible for damage due to heat, cold, sunlight, moisture, chemical substances, misuse or neglectful or inappropriate handling during transport, storage or installation. BRADLEY is not responsible for normal checking or shrinkage due to sudden climate changes or environmental conditions during transport or storage. Each piece should be handled as one would handle, transport and store a fine antique.

All Customer-specified third-party shipments should be arranged and billed between the Customer’s company and the carrier. The Customer must specify the name of their insured carrier to BRADLEY on the Customer’s purchase order. When shipping is arranged by the Customer, BRADLEY is not liable for any product damage once it transfers to your agent on our dock. A representative of the Customer specified carrier will be required to inspect the product and sign our shipping release document that the product was in satisfactory condition at the time of pick up at the BRADLEY warehouse.

Upon the receipt of full payment for merchandise and associated shipping costs, orders will be released for shipping. No C.O.D’s are allowed. Please read the BRADLEY Shipping Policy Agreement for more information.


It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect all orders for accuracy, defects, and damage incurred during transport at the time of receipt. Any claims regarding product quality, order accuracy or damage incurred during shipment must be made within 48 hours following receipt of goods.

If the order is delivered to your warehouse, your client’s location or a third-party receiving house, the receiving party must inspect all merchandise immediately upon delivery. If the product is crated or boxed, the product must be unpackaged and inspected for concealed damage before the shipping company leaves the premises.

If third-party shipping is arranged by BRADLEY, once the product has been received, inspected and signed for by your receiving agent, the product becomes the property of the Customer and BRADLEY responsibilities ceases, and therefore no future claims of damage due to shipping will be considered.

For shipments organized and handled by the Customer, if the product has been damaged during transport, the Customer must collect for damages from their carrier directly by notifying the carrier’s claims department immediately. If damage is not detected at time of delivery, request a “concealed damage report” from your carrier. Note that all packaging materials must be saved for inspection in concealed damage claims as well as photographs of the damaged product should be provided to document the claim.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that their chosen shipment receiving agent is aware and capable of these duties, responsibilities and liabilities. It is the responsibility of the Customer to discuss these policies and responsibilities with their selected carrier and receiving agent.


BRADLEY will not be held liable or responsible for any COM fabrics supplied or ordered by the Customer in error or for any other reasons relating to manufacturer defects, mislabeling, dye lot variations or fading. Furthermore, BRADLEY will not be responsible for the quality, durability or appropriateness of COM or any fabrics specified or supplied by the Customer or purchased on behalf of the Customer.


BRADLEY products are covered under our Product Warranty which protects the original purchaser and applies only when you purchase the BRADLEY furniture for normal residential or approved light commercial use. Please read the BRADLEY Limited Product Warranty for more information.


All original product designs developed and manufactured by BRADLEY are protected by domestic and international patent, trade dress and/or copyright laws. BRADLEY takes intellectual property rights seriously and prosecutes patent or copyright infringement to the fullest extent of the law. By signing this Terms and Conditions of Sale agreement, the Customer agrees to abide by all US and International patent and copy write laws, and further acknowledges to not commission, reproduce, or duplicate any BRADLEY original furnishings, finishes, fabrics, or fine art designs or of similar likeness without the expressed written consent of BRADLEY USA, LLC.


In exchange for granting the Customer a trade account, BRADLEY agrees to allow the Customer to resell BRADLEY products to Retail and Commercial clients known as "End Users." For this privilege the Customer agrees to only sell BRADLEY products under the BRADLEY brand name and label. This agreement prohibits the Customer to resell BRADLEY products under their own brand or alternate label without the expressed written consent of BRADLEY USA, LLC. Violation of this policy will result in an immediate suspension of the Customer's trade account with BRADLEY, as well as prompt legal action to recoup damages resulting from loses or patent or copyright infringement.


BRADLEY will not be held liable for any of the following: a) a claim of any kind, including, but not limited to, negligence of a third-party carrier or his agents. b) losses arising from delays in production, shipping damage or price increases, or c) loss or damages arising out of, connected with, or resulting from this agreement.